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A web hosting provider is a service that stores and serves website content, images, videos, and infographics. The computer that controls the storage and serving is called a web server. Do you want to move your website and transfer your domain title but you don’t know which hosting you are using?

Web hosting can feel like an unfamiliar world to anybody who’s perhaps not got a thorough history in internet development. In any event, you came to the right place. In this information, we will reveal how to find which hosting organization handles a website.

Find Out Who is Hosting a Website?

In practice, you will find two methods to approach that – personally or by having an on-the-web tool. You are going to learn about these two techniques, therefore only select the one which matches you best.

Finding a Website’s Hosting Provider

To be able to personally discover the web hosting organization of a website, you can either ping the website’s IP handle or use the WHOIS method.

Utilizing a Website’s IP Handle

In that example, we’ll be utilizing the Windows Unit, but the same strategy will work for macOS systems as well.

  1. Open your system console. Type Ping and take note of the domain title that you want to check. Then, hit Enter.
  1. Copy the IP handle from the terminal app and open your online browser.
  2. Head to an IP lookup instrument, such as WhatIsMyIP, and stick the IP handle you have discovered to the search box.

The outcome explains to you the hosting provider responsible for the website hosting, as well as other facts, just like the host site, domain host, title servers and registrar, and therefore on.

Using the WHOIS Strategy

This process is easier because all the knowledge will be exhibited nicely in the terminal app.

However, the only big difference is that you have to make use of the Whois order instead.

Bear in mind that some Windows pcs don’t have that order included automatically which means you will have to install the prerequisites.

Only visit the official Microsoft download page and download the installation file there.

When the deal is setup, you can follow the recommendations:

  1. Open your system console. Type Whois and establish the website where you want to get the domain title and IP handle information. Hit Enter.
  2. Scroll down seriously to see all the data about the website, from the hosting businesses involved (for equally domain host and the website hosting) to the other possible domain names, the domain title servers, and therefore on.

Online Tools Who is Hosting a Website?

If using previous techniques seems relatively overwhelming, you can try having an on-the-web instrument to locate a website’s domain host information. All you need to complete is enter the website’s handle and the remainder will be prepared for you.

Thankfully, there are a lot of solutions, such as:

  • Hosting Checker or WhoIsHostingThis.A user-friendly instrument that gives details about the website’s internet host, including domain information, domain and site host locations, and IP address.
  • Website Checker Seasoned. This on-the-web instrument won’t just tell you which site is located but can provide WHOIS history information that features details about the registrar itself, development time, and domain title expiry date.

Domain Name Server (DNS) Cloudflare

Some website homeowners intentionally cover certain facts, such as instance their domain title host, which means you can’t see who’s hosting the website.

This information is normally changed by the title host details of a DNS (Domain Name Server). Listed here is a good example of DNS records that you could find:



These nameservers are owned by a DNS organization named Cloudflare.

In cases like this, you can just see the data just if you have the website’s login credentials on Cloudflare.

How to Find Out Where Your Website is Hosted

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